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Office Engineer

Alabama Department of Transportation
Bureau of Office Engineer
Clay P. McBrien, P.E.
State Office Engineer
1409 Coliseum Boulevard Room E-101
Montgomery, Alabama 36110-2060

The Bureau of Office Engineer is the Office of Record for the Department and acts in an advisory capacity to the Transportation Director, Chief Engineer's office, Bureau Chiefs and Division Engineers in matters of finance and administration of federal funds and in other areas pertaining to the general function of the Department of Transportation.

The Bureau of Office Engineer is also responsible for coordinating all Federal Disaster Relief Funds and Emergency Relief Funds with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), respectively. This bureau also coordinates, with the various Division Offices, the programming of projects which the Alabama Department of Transportation must undertake relative to these emergency situations. This office submits projects and other documents as needed for approval.

The bureau is divided into four primary subsections: Engineering (including Subletting and Labor Compliance), Plans and Proposals (including Contractor Prequalification), Contract Preparation & Review, and Federal-Aid Authorizations and Agreements.

Contractor Prequalification

Bureau of Office Engineer Sections and Key Contacts

Project Letting Information

Other Office Engineer Files

Contractor's Gross Receipts Tax (These links are to the Alabma Department of Revenue's web site)