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Alabama Department of Transportation
Bid Tabulation Selection Page

This page is for the selection of the Tabulation of Bids reports from the Alabama Department of Transportation.  Please read the Important Notes below and the Tips and Cautions found on each year's page.

Important Notes:

  • Bid Tabulations are not released for projects not awarded.
  • Bid Tabulations will not be released until all projects for that letting have been awarded or rejected.
  • Bid Tabulations may not be available until a couple of months after a letting.
  • You will be able to view the Bid Tabulations as a text file or by using Adobe Acrobat  
  • Adobe Acrobat is available for free from Adobe, by clicking on the icon below.

Select a year from below:

  • 2024  - Updated through the January 26, 2024 letting.