Office Engineer

033. STPOA-7403(602) , CALHOUN


for constructing the Resurfacing and Traffic Stripe on West Tenth Street from Clydesdale Avenue to Quintard Avenue in Anniston. Length 1.482 mi.

The Bracket Ranges shown herein are to provide general financial information to Contractors and Bonding Companies concerning a Project's complexity and size only. THESE BRACKETS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PREPARING A BID, NOR WILL THESE BRACKETS HAVE ANY BEARING ON THE DECISION TO AWARD ANY CONTRACT.

BRACKET ESTIMATE: $563,000 TO $680,000


206C025 1125 SQYD Removing Bituminous Pavement On Conc
206D001 598 LF Removing Guardrail
206D003 177 LF Removing Curb And Gutter
206D004 104 LF Removing Railroad Tracks
206E008 3 EACH Removing Guardrail End Anchor (All Type)
210A000 60 CUYD Unclassified Excavation
210D000 175 CUYD Borrow Excavation
405A000 616 GAL Tack Coat
408A052 2288 SQYD Plane Pvmt Appr 1.10" - 2.0"
408A053 14568 SQYD Plane Pvmt Appr 2.1-" - 3.0"
424A356 1192 TON Superpave Wrg Surf 3/8"ESAL C/D
424A359 75 TON Superpave Wrg Surf Widen 3/8"ESAL C/D
424A366 100 TON Superpave Wrg Surf Level 1/2" ESAL C/D
424B650 1312 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Layer 3/4" Esal C/D
424B654 50 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Patch 3/4" Esal C/D
424B658 1356 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Level 3/4" Esal C/D
424B661 150 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Widen 3/4" Esal C/D
430B043 477 TON Agg Surf (1" Down, Crusher Run)
600A000 1 LS Mobilization
610C000 412 TON Loose Riprap, Class 1
610D000 325 SQYD Filter Blanket
614B000 18 CUYD Reinforced Slope Paving
621C053 1 EACH Inlets, Type Special(Partial)
623B000 177 LF Concrete Curb, Type N
623C000 75 LF Combination Curb & Gutter, Type C
630A001 658 LF Steel Beam Guardrail, Cl A, Ty 2
630A034 90 LF St Bm Gdrl Cl A Ty 2 8'-0" Post
630C001 1 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 8
630C022 4 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type Special
630C070 5 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 10 Series
641S500 19 EACH Valve Box Reset
645K500 12 EACH Manhole Frame And Cover Reset
650B000 28 CUYD Topsoil From Stockpiles
654A001 178 SQYD Solid Sodding (Bermuda)
665J000 500 LF Silt Fence, Type A
665O001 500 LF Silt Fence Removal
665Q002 40 LF Wattle
701A228 1 MILE Solid White Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 6" W
701A231 3 MILE Solid White Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str
701A235 3 MILE Solid Yellow Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str
701A245 1 MILE Broken Yellow Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str
701B205 500 LF Dotted Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str
701C000 5 MILE Broken Temporary Traffic Stripe
701C001 5 MILE Solid Temporary Traffic Stripe
701G144 850 LF Soild White Cl W Ty A Traf Str
701G152 850 LF Solid Yellow Cl W Ty A Traf Str
701G254 1000 LF Solid White Cl 2 Ty B Traf Str
703A002 2610 SQFT Traffic Control Marking, Class 2, Type A
703B002 462 SQFT Traffic Control Legends, Class 2, Type A
707B004 6 EACH Type B Hazard Marker Installation
710A115 39 SQFT Cl 4 Alum Sign 0.08"/St 14 Ga Ty III/ IV
710B001 60 LF Roadway Sign Post (#3 "U" Channel)
740B000 522 SQFT Construction Signs
740D000 250 EACH Channelizing Drums
740E000 250 EACH Cones (36" High)
740M001 250 EACH Ballast For Cone
740O000 1 EACH Pilot Car
741C010 1 EACH Port Seq Arrow & Chevron Sign Unit
998A000 1 LS Construction Fuel (Max. Bid Limited to $ 29,000.00)