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001 . BRF-0020(508) , LAWRENCE




for constructing the Bridge Replacements and Approaches (Grade, Drain, Base, and Pave) on SR-20 (Alternate US-72) over Mallard Creek northwest of Hillsboro. Length 0.737 mi.

The Bracket Ranges shown herein are to provide general financial information to Contractors and Bonding Companies concerning a Project's complexity and size only. THESE BRACKETS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PREPARING A BID, NOR WILL THESE BRACKETS HAVE ANY BEARING ON THE DECISION TO AWARD ANY CONTRACT.

BRACKET ESTIMATE: $4,285,132 TO $5,237,384


201A002 1 LS Clear & Grub (Maximum Allowable Bid $ 4000.00 Per Acre)(Approx. 11 Acres)
206A000 1 LS Removal Of Old Bridge Station 111+24.52, EBR
206A001 1 LS Removal Of Old Bridge Station 111+23.92, WBR
206D000 372 LF Removing Pipe
206D001 350 LF Removing Guardrail
206E001 5 EACH Removing Inlets
206E002 2 EACH Removing Junction Boxes
206E008 8 EACH Removing Guardrail End Anchor (All Type)
210A000 11516 CUYD Unclassified Excavation
210C000 5048 CUYD Muck Excavation
210D000 27045 CUYD Borrow Excavation
210F001 8358 TON Borrow Excavation (Underwater Embank)
214A000 447 CUYD Structure Excavation
214B001 180 CUYD Foundation Backfill Commercial
230A000 38 RBST Roadbed Processing
301A012 20431 SQYD CABC Type B Plant Mix 6" Thick
305B077 800 TON Crushed Aggregate Sec 825 For Misc Use
327A021 341 TON Plant Mix Bituminous Base Mix 2
401A000 17460 SQYD Bituminous Treatment A
405A000 2763 GAL Tack Coat
407B000 3 MILE Joint Sealant For Hot Mix Asphalt Pave
408A052 15333 SQYD Plane Pvmt Appr 1.10" - 2.0"
410B000 1 EACH State Furnished Profilograph
410H000 1 EACH Material Remixing Device
424A280 2435 TON Superpave Wrg Surf 1/2" ESAL E
424A286 50 TON Superpave Wrg Surf Level 1/2" ESAL E
424B281 2135 TON Superpave Upr Bndr 1" ESAL E
424B285 50 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Patch 1" ESAL E
424C280 4879 TON Superpave Base Lay 1" ESAL E
428C000 14820 LF Scoring Bit Pvmt Surface By Cutting
430B046 1703 TON Agg Surf (Aldot #2)
450B000 327 SQYD Reinforced Concrete Bridge End Slab
502A000 70200 LB Steel Reinforcement
502B000 1 LS Steel Reinforcement For Bridge Superstr. Station 110+65, EBR, Approximately
502B001 1 LS Steel Reinforcement For Bridge Superstr. Station 110+65, WBR, Approximately
505G003 56 EACH Pile Points (Type A 12")
505M002 1625 LF Steel Piling Furnish/Drive HP 12x53
506A005 236 LF Drilled Shaft Excavation 3'-6" Dia
506B002 56 LF Special Drilled Shaft Excav 3'-6" Dia
506C005 328 LF Drilled Shaft Const 3'-6" Dia
506F000 186 LF Perm Drilled Shaft Casing 3'-6" Dia
506G001 8 EACH Crosshole Sonic Logging 3'-6" Dia
508A000 14800 LB Structural Steel
510A000 240 CUYD Bridge Substructure Concrete Class A
510C051 1 LS Bridge Concrete Superstructure Station 110+65, EBR, Approximately
510C052 1 LS Bridge Concrete Superstructure Station 110+65, WBR, Approximately
510E000 1560 SQYD Grooving Concrete Bridge Decks
511A052 72 EACH Elastomeric Bearing Type 2 (Mark B3)
513B005 2292 LF Pre-Ten/Stress Conc Girder Ty III Spec
530A001 231 LF 18" Roadway Pipe (Class 3 R.C.)
530A695 256 LF 18" Roadway Pipe (Cl 3 RC Or =CCMPI)Temp
533A098 232 LF 18" Storm Sewer Pipe (Class 3 R.C.)
535A001 213 LF 18" Side Drain Pipe
600A000 1 LS Mobilization
602A000 8 EACH Right Of Way Markers
610C001 1464 TON Loose Riprap Class 2
610D003 1399 SQYD Filter Blanket Geotextile
614A000 7 CUYD Slope Paving
619A002 3 EACH 18" Road Pipe End Treatment Cl 1
619A052 2 EACH 18" Road Pipe End Treatment Cl 2
619A101 10 EACH 18" Side Drain Pipe End Treat Cl 1
621A005 2 EACH Junction Boxes, Type 1
621C020 5 EACH Inlets, Type Y
621C132 1 EACH Inlets, Type Y (Modified)
621D019 5 EACH Inlet Units, Type Y
621D055 1 EACH Inlet Units, Type Y (Modified)
629A034 100 LF Conc Med Or Safety Barr, Ty 4A
630A001 700 LF Steel Beam Guardrail, Cl A, Ty 2
630C003 8 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 13
630C050 4 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 20 Series
630C070 4 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 10 Series
641A696 750 LF 20 Inch Ductile Iron Water Main Laid RJ
641A746 750 LF 6 Inch P.V.C. Water Main Laid
641C500 1500 LB Ductile Iron Fittings
641J516 2 EACH 6 Inch Gate Valve With Box
641J530 2 EACH 20 Inch Gate Valve With Box
641L500 25 CUYD Concrete for Water Mains (Thrust Blocks)
649A635 600 LF 12 Inch Stl Encase Pipe Ty 2 Install
649A670 600 LF 36 Inch Stl Encase Pipe Ty 2 Install
650A000 3435 CUYD Topsoil
650B000 6608 CUYD Topsoil From Stockpiles
652A100 10 ACRE Seeding
652C000 15 ACRE Mowing
654A000 323 SQYD Solid Sodding
656A010 10 ACRE Mulching
659C000 5160 SQYD Erosion Control Product, Type S4
665A000 10 ACRE Temporary Seeding
665B001 30 TON Temporary Mulching
665E000 500 SQYD Polyethylene
665G000 150 EACH Sand Bags
665J002 4625 LF Silt Fence
665L000 430 LF Floating Basin Boom
665N000 500 TON Temporary Coarse Aggregate ALDOT No 1
665O001 4625 LF Silt Fence Removal
665P005 40 EACH Inlet Protection, Stage 3 Or 4
665Q002 710 LF Wattle
672C100 440 EACH Flocculant Application, Ditch Check
672C103 40 EACH Flocculant Application, Inlet Protection
680A001 1 LS Geometric Controls
698A000 1 LS Construction Fuel (Maximum Bid Limited 206,115.00)
701A227 2 MILE Solid White Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701A230 2 MILE Solid Yellow Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701A239 2 MILE Broken White Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701B207 1080 LF Dotted Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701C000 2 MILE Broken Temporary Traffic Stripe
701C001 3 MILE Solid Temporary Traffic Stripe
701G142 390 LF Broken White Cl W Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701G146 390 LF Solid White Cl W Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701G154 390 LF Solid Yellow Cl W Ty A Traf Str 5" W
703D001 106 SQFT Temporary Traffic Control Markings
705A011 2150 EACH Pavement Markers, Class C, Type 1-A
705A012 2040 EACH Pvmtment Markers, Class C, Type 1-B
705A031 94 EACH Pavement Markers, Class A-H, Type 1-A
710A115 36 SQFT Cl 4 Alum Sign 0.08"/St 14 Ga Ty III/ IV
710B021 56 LF Rdwy Sign Pt(#3 UCh GS or 2"14Ga SqTuSt)
726A000 2771 LF Port Concrete Safety Barriers Type 6
726A005 279 LF Port Conc Safe Bar Ty 6 Bridge Bolt
726D020 2 EACH Portable Impact Atten Uni Dir TL-2
740B000 751 SQFT Construction Signs
740D000 140 EACH Channelizing Drums
740E000 50 EACH Cones (36" High)
740F002 8 EACH Barricades, Type III
740I002 4 EACH Warning Lights, Type B
740M001 50 EACH Ballast For Cone
741C010 2 EACH Port Seq Arrow & Chevron Sign Unit
742A001 2 EACH Portable Changeable Message Sign Type 2
999 000 1440 HOUR Trainee Hours At 80 Cents Per Hour