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Office Engineer

036 . NH-0003(584) , MORGAN




for constructing the Resurfacing, Traffic Stripe and Curb Ramp Installation on SR-3 (US-31) from just south of SR-67 (MP 354.958) to just south of SR-20 (MP 358.394) in Decatur. Length 3.409 mi.

The Bracket Ranges shown herein are to provide general financial information to Contractors and Bonding Companies concerning a Project's complexity and size only. THESE BRACKETS SHOULD NOT BE USED IN PREPARING A BID, NOR WILL THESE BRACKETS HAVE ANY BEARING ON THE DECISION TO AWARD ANY CONTRACT.

BRACKET ESTIMATE: $1,501,684 TO $1,835,392


206C000 667 SQYD Removing Concrete Sidewalk
206C001 232 SQYD Removing Concrete Pavement
206D001 88 LF Removing Guardrail
206D002 871 LF Removing Curb
206E008 2 EACH Removing Guardrail End Anchor (All Type)
327A021 58 TON Plant Mix Bituminous Base Mix 2
405A000 7805 GAL Tack Coat
407B000 13 MILE Joint Sealant For Hot Mix Asphalt Pave
408B001 155641 SQYD Micro-Milling Exist Pave 1.10"-2.00"
410H000 1 EACH Material Remixing Device
424A340 1053 TON Superpave Wrg Surf 1/2" ESAL A/B
424A360 13756 TON Superpave Wrg Surf 1/2" ESAL C/D
424A369 250 TON Superpave Wrg Surf Wide 1/2" ESAL C/D
424B651 35 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Lay 1" Esal C/D
424B655 500 TON Superpave Upr Bndr Pat 1" Esal C/D
428C000 7670 LF Scoring Bit Pvmt Surface By Cutting
600A000 1 LS Mobilization
618A000 720 SQYD Concrete Sidewalk, 4" Thick
618C000 161 SQFT Truncated Dome Retrofit
622A000 3 EACH Manhole Covers Reset
630A001 88 LF Steel Beam Guardrail, Cl A, Ty 2
630C001 1 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 8
630C070 1 EACH Guardrail End Anchor, Type 10 Series
654A001 147 SQYD Solid Sodding (Bermuda)
665E000 100 SQYD Polyethylene
665G000 200 EACH Sand Bags
680A001 1 LS Geometric Controls
698A000 1 LS Construction Fuel (Maximum Bid Limited 75,850.00)
701A227 3 MILE Solid White Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701A230 9 MILE Solid Yellow Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701A239 7 MILE Broken White Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701A244 7 MILE Broken Yellow Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701B207 4073 LF Dotted Cl 2 Ty A Traf Str 5" W
701C000 26 MILE Broken Temporary Traffic Stripe
701C001 22 MILE Solid Temporary Traffic Stripe
703A002 11693 SQFT Traffic Control Marking, Class 2, Type A
703B002 785 SQFT Traffic Control Legends, Class 2, Type A
703D001 8892 SQFT Temporary Traffic Control Markings
705A030 255 EACH Pavement Markers, Class A-H, Type 2-C
705A031 458 EACH Pavement Markers, Class A-H, Type 1-A
705A037 1024 EACH Pavement Markers, Class A-H, Type 2-D
730H001 54300 LF Loop Wire
740B000 1222 SQFT Construction Signs
740D000 100 EACH Channelizing Drums
740E000 350 EACH Cones (36" High)
740F002 6 EACH Barricades, Type III
740I002 2 EACH Warning Lights, Type B
740M001 350 EACH Ballast For Cone
741C010 2 EACH Port Seq Arrow & Chevron Sign Unit