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Alabama Department of Transportation
Internet Bidding

The Alabama Department of Transportation began accepting bids over the internet using the Bid Express Service, effective with the January 13, 2006, Transportation Letting. Bid Express is the leader in providing internet bidding to state Departments of Transportation with over twenty states using this service.

The Bid Express option will allow you to submit your bid from your office or any remote location with internet access. You may also continue to bid in the traditional manner if you choose.

Points to Consider:

  • If you choose to use Bid Express, you will not be required to return your bidding diskette or a printout of your bid. You will, however, still be required to return your proposal (signed and checked in the appropriate places), and a properly executed bid bond/cashier’s check.
  • The proposal package and bid bond (minus the bid sheets and diskette) may be sent to ALDOT prior to the submittal of your internet bid, but must be received in Room E-108, before the time and date as shown in the Notice to Contractors.
  • In the event that a traditional bid and an internet bid received for the same proposal, the internet bid will govern.
  • Bidders who are interested in internet bidding are encouraged to contact Bid Express and initiate the sign up process.

If you have further questions about ALDOT procedures in regard to Bid Express, you may e-mail or call 334.242.6441, during regular business hours..

If you have further questions about Bid Express, you may access the Bid Express site, by clicking on the link (web address) shown below.