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Alabama Department of Transportation
Bid History - (Items Bid Summary)

The links below are for the (Bid History) Item Bid Summary reports for approximately the last 18 months from the ending date as shown on the report.  These reportts are run after each letting and are updated as the corresponding Bid Tabulations are made available

Notes on the Items Bid Summary

  • These reports DO NOT include Items with a unit of measurement of "Lump Sum".
  • These reports show only the Lowest, Average, and Maximum bid prices for the item.
  • The "Items Bid Summary" report uses the Contract Id to identify the proposal.
  • The Contract Id format is "yyyymmddccc" where the yyyy mm dd represent the Letting Date and the ccc is  the  "Call" number.
  • The "Items Bid Summary By Project Number" uses the project number of the main project associated with the proposal.

  •          Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents.